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Finding Your Ideal Client

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You’re a lash artist open for business and more than ready to be booked and busy, but there’s one problem… You need clients! Hold on though… not just any clients… we want clients that:


  1. Respect you as a biz
  2. Tell their friends about you + your badass biz
  3. Are loyal and consistent 


Now that sounds amazing, right? But let’s run it back… we have to find them! So let’s figure out WHO we are looking for…

Start by identifying the goals of your customer-

What does this customer value? Price? Quality? Accessibility? Service? Experience?


Value propositions

1. Price

You’re going to attract this customer by highlighting the following in your marketing efforts.

  • Benefits and bonuses (i.e. buy two services, get one free or free aftercare product pack with any full set)
  • Referral programs (i.e. get $10 towards your next visit for every friend you refer)
  • Rewards (i.e. punch cards that offer 50% off their 10th fill)


2. quality

You’re going to attract this customer by highlighting the following in your marketing efforts.

  • Feature a lower quality comparison (i.e. NOT MY WORK posts showing what clients came in with, why it was damaging, and how you corrected the issues)
  • Feature and promote materials, brands because if you are paying top dollar for a superior product, your clients need to be paying more as well.
  • How long the product/service lasts (i.e. post pics of your client’s great retention so potential customers see why you charge more)
  • The many features your product/service has (i.e. are you cleansing every client prior to application? Show off how thorough your service really is!)


3. Accessibility

You’re going to attract this customer by highlighting the following in your marketing efforts.

  • Convenience aspects (i.e. localized ads on Instagram, Yelp, Google)
  • Time-saving features of your product/business (i.e. Do you offer online booking and client forms that can be filled out prior to the appointment time?)
  • Efficiency + communication (i.e. Are you sending customers text confirmations and reminders?)
  • Mobile services (i.e. Will you come to the client for services?)


4. Service Quality

You’re going to attract this customer by highlighting the following in your marketing efforts.

  • Start to finish process (i.e. what special touches do you add to enhance the experience? Maybe you massage your customer’s hands during the processing of a lash lift. Or maybe each client is offered a glass of champagne when they arrive.)
  • Detail driven (i.e. You are conscientious of producing a mood in your business with music, decor, bed choice, etc.)
  • Personal touch + engagement (i.e. Do you know your customers by name? Maybe you track birthdays and anniversaries so you can send thoughtful notes to your clients.)
  • Ongoing support and accessible communication (i.e. You follow up with your clients to ensure they had a great appointment and receive feedback for improvement freely.)


5. Experience

You’re going to attract this customer by highlighting the following in your marketing efforts.

  • Certifications and licensing (i.e. you are posting about ongoing education you are taking and how you will apply that education to your business)
  • Time in the industry 
  • Pulse on the latest innovations (i.e. you are staying up to date on the latest trends and products, always ensuring that your clients are getting the latest and greatest)
  • Professionalism (i.e. You recognize the treatment room as an environment for your client to relax and rest. You make a point to respect their time and privacy.)


You can understand your customer’s values by surveying them. Download our Client Intake Forms at the end of this blog today so you can get to know your customers a little better.


Capturing your audience's attention

Now that you know your customer and what they value, what channels can be explored to connect with them and potential clients:

  • What social media platforms are used?
  • Where do they consume news?
  • What brands do they align with?
  • Where do they live?
  • What kind of lifestyle do they have?


What challenges or obstacles do they have?

  • Lack of time
  • Previously negative experience
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Void in their life to fill


Capturing your audience's attention is the first objective.  Now it’s time to serve!

Serving your audience

Serving your audience prior to “converting” them is your mission.  What knowledge or experience can you create prior to converting them to a client?


  • Educate- Establishing yourself as THE expert builds your reputation and credibility. Give your audience a reason to trust you + your brand paves the way for all the conversion you’ve been praying for.
  • Design your process- Your ideal client is ready to take a leap so you need a seamless system to convert them to a paid client. This can include:
    • Website with photos + descriptions of the service you offer
    • Intake paperwork including your policies, legal details, and procedure guide
    • Automated appointment reminders, including instructions specific to your service prep- i.e. bring headphones, arrive makeup free, silence your phone, etc.


Remember that the way you present yourself and your business will affect how you attract or detract clientele. Put yourself out there, that’s the only way to get eyes on what you are doing. Clients who seek value in things beyond a competitive price point will be staples to building a successful long-term book so target those other values in the way that you market and you’ll be so thankful that you did.


Need a place to start? Download out Client intake forms today, it includes and intake for new customers and a survey for your current clients to understand what they value so you can attract more customers like them!




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