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How do I build clientele?

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Building clientele is one of the most challenging missions for beauty professionals. Not only do you need to be 100% tuned into your clients preferences, you need to show accountability for their results and experience with you. Nurturing these relationships can take time but serve as the foundation of your business. These are my top tips for beauty pros looking to build their businesses!

1. Get some perspective!

How easy are you to find when someone in the area is looking for the service you offer?

Can they find you online, through word of mouth, or just by strolling by?

How have present have you made yourself in the community you work in?

Think about ways you can both boost your online presence (through social media + digital outlets) or increase your in-person networking.  Either way you need to be visible to people searching for the services you offer.

2. Maximize your current clientele

So you’re not SUPER booked but you have a handful of loyal clients. Ask them what about their experience keeps them coming back? Then encourage them (organically of course) to let their friends/family know you have a few availabilities. Key word: FEW availabilities. We never want to give clients or prospects the idea we are just twiddling our thumbs waiting for them. Offer referral bonuses to both your client who referred and the new clients!

Practice this dialogue:

Thank you Jess! Here are some of my cards I actually have about 2 new client availabilities left this month if anyone you know if interested ya’ll both get $15 off your services. I appreciate you sharing my info Jess! 

This can also be done through social media! Tag a friend and if she books ya’ll both get $15 off.

3. Invest resources where it counts

Do you need to get professional help with your website? Or maybe investing in your marketing in general is in order to build your opportunity for leads? Don’t feel like running out for the next mega volume class is “the answer” to building your business.  Stay in tune with main mission to build streams of marketing to consistently build clientele + opportunities.  

  • Is your website ranking on Google when people search for services/products in your area?
  • Is your social media presence bringing you both new clients + opportunities?
  • Is your current clientele referring more clients to your biz?
  • Do you have systems in place to build reviews + testimonials?
  • Is your branding attracting clients who are comfortable with your prices?


You have the opportunity to have a positive impact in so many ways! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there to be seen. Building a brand, creating a digital presence, and maximizing your marketing is the most empowering way you can turn up your money making potential. Take the leap and start making your marketing count!


Download my Client intake forms today, it includes and intake for new customers and a survey for your current clients to understand what they value so you can attract more customers like them!



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