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How to handle toxic clients in your lash biz

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Building a book of loyal clients takes time! Whether you’re a new or seasoned lash artist, we all face the same challenges when starting to build client relationships.  It’s up to us as professionals to lead the way in our policies, procedures, and communication.  Establishing boundaries early on in the relationship will help you be your own advocate! Your loyal clients will love you for your savvy + seamless approach to client management.


Avoiding a toxic client tango:


  • Use tools like intake forms, FAQ pages, and automated scheduling to take the “YOU” out of your initial interaction. Quality clients will navigate the tools and resources you provide and love every minute of it!
  • Focus on referrals! The clients that rock with you know your strengths and vibe, pour into those clients and incentivize them to refer their people. (Same strategy applies to like minded service providers i.e. hair stylists, nail techs, makeup artists- other service providers with well established clientele)
  • Rep your set.  Commit to your policies, communication + dialogue, it becomes a script at some point! You’ll master being comfortable saying no, effectively communicating, + being a loyal advocate for your business.


Managing toxic client relationships:


  • Do not feed into the madness. Sometimes we find ourselves wrapped up in the chaotic energy some clients keep. Don’t respond to the late night texts or entertain out of bounds interactions. It tends to have a snow ball effect.
  • Have clear boundaries. We can’t expect clients to be mind readers, making sure we are crystal clear about the rules + flow of our business is key! Setting up systems + policies to make client communication a breeze. Questions about this or that… boom… LINK. Want to reschedule to another date… boom… online booking.
  • When to say good-bye? When enough is enough it’s best said that simply put… It’s not a productive/positive relationship anymore so it’s in your clients best interest to seek an artist who can fulfill their expectations.


Hi Susan, I am unable to continue providing service.  As a business owner it’s critical that my clients respect my booking + appointment policies.  With your history of late + no-show appointments I can’t continue providing service.  I am happy to refer you to a studio/artist who can better fit your needs. Thank you and best wishes!


Hi Susan, I do enforce no-show fees as disclosed when booking an appointment. I require my clients to respect the policies that allow me to serve my clients. I will be referring you to another artist/studio that can better accommodate your needs. Thank you and best wishes!


Hi Susan, it’s best that I refer you to another artist/studio.  It’s increasingly clear that I am unable to meet your expectations.  I respect that and wish you the best going forward.




  • Get emotional- This serves no one.  Remember you are a business, you do this job to provide for yourself + your family. No one will advocate for your business wellbeing but YOU! Stop explaining yourself and start bossing up.
  • Stop apologizing- This can be a whole different chapter but DAMN! Stop apologizing for not fitting your entire business model around one toxic client.  Be honest… YOU’RE NOT SORRY, bc you have nothing to be sorry for. 
  • Let it get to a point of no return. You’re in knots and you’re trippin over this one client who has mind fucked you.  Step away from the situation, it’s not cohesive to your mission.



  • Be at peace with your objective. You NEED quality clients that respect + value you. 
  • Put your energy into marketing yourself to your IDEAL client. Who would you really like to work with, starting channeling that energy into attracting that client.
  • Learn from the experience.  Where did the relationship take a turn? What policies could I have made clearer? How can I avoid these interactions going forward?
  • Pay close attention to the channels you’re getting your clients from. You may need to start sharing your procedures, policies, to align with serious clients. 
  • Engage with patience! You will attract your tribe, know it takes time.  Continue being authentic + impactful in the ways that matter to you!



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