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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

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The biggest obstacle for most entrepreneurs I work with is always the same… Consistency! Showing up as your best, brightest, most confident self is a major part of the equation when it comes to interacting on a platform like social media.  That negative, sinister voice peeks through and tells us, we don’t have value to offer or we aren’t good enough.  That’s imposter syndrome at it’s most vicious! I have some strategies that help me in my own battle against negative self talk and I know they can help you too. 


1. Confront the voice feeding you the false narrative.

Acknowledge what you’re “hearing” and then swiftly clap back! Everything picking at your insecurities is in your imagination.  Combat negative self talk with these simple affirmations:


“I have value to offer the world! My skills, expertise, and impact need to be shared”

“I am a strong, intelligent, independent person who can make a difference”

“I will not allow a setback define my legacy”

“I deserve to be heard”

“I do not need to issue apologies for my shortcomings”

“I am worthy of great things”


2. Surround yourself with support. 

Support doesn’t have to be friends + family, it can be colleagues (who often become friends) professional mentors, or an online community.  It’s natural to look to our closest friends + family for guidance but often you can benefit from expanding your network.  Ask yourself, do the people around me encourage, uplift, and support each other through action? 

(This can be a hard audit on who you exchange energy with, relationships are a major factor to the energy you keep + momentum you make.)


3. Learn to celebrate tomorrow. 

You deserve to feel accomplished! Always having the mentality that you’ll be “happy” when things are “perfect” leave you feeling defeated around every turn.  Instead shift your mindset to celebrate the small victories like overcoming an obstacle, a positive moment, or getting through the small steps.  We are our own WORST critics, don’t dull your own shine, celebrate it! 


(This also ties into #2… If you have a strong circle, they won’t let you pass on celebrating your accomplishments.)


Imposter syndrome can make you feel isolated, don’t fall for it! There’s a community of like minded people out there who believe in what you do and why you do it.  The mission is...let your authenticity shine shamelessly so the world can see just how incredible you are.

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