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Shooting tips for lash artists

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When I've asked students in the past… whats your biggest challenge with social media? Their answer is always CREATING CONTENT.  I know it’s intimidating but if your goal is to become a professional artist or build any sort of brand you need to start creating your unique visual identity.  The most common way for us to create content that converts and leaves our prospective clients wanting more is to do model shoots!

Benefits to models shoots:

  • Allows you to show off your best work in an unique, aesthetic way!
  • Provides you content beyond social media, including websites, printables, and overall digital presence.
  • Opportunity to network and build within your community! Finding local artists and professionals to work with is a great way to find collab opportunities.
  • You can get multiple pieces of content from one day of shooting! You get BTS, progress photos, before + afters, and portfolio shots in one day.
  • Builds your confidence! Let’s you see you work in a professional, polished way. You will be amazing by what you can create when you allocate the time + resources.


My tips:

Find models in your area. Start interacting on IG using hashtags like #dallasmodels. $$ Be prepared to pay a pro model $$. Start networking to find collabs that could be great opportunities for exposure. Make sure you model is ideal for beauty shots specifically serving FACE. You can contact an agency in your area too! But this option can be super pricey.  Your best bet is looking to build organic relationships with models who you vibe with. 

Find a makeup artist specializing in natural, glam and macro/beauty shooting. Film makeup application is so different than beauty shots. Let the mua know exactly what you’re looking for by using clear visuals.  You need to be the creative director to get the results you want. 

Makeup a Pinterest board or visual for how you visually want to express your vibe. Hair + makeup inspo + specific angles or shots you love.  This lets you plan for how your content will look on your website and digital outlets.

Schedule a full day. Don’t try to rush these shoots, it takes time to not only do the lashes but have time for breaks, lunch, and all prep before even getting to shoot 📸

Find a spot with great natural light or use your ring light + a soft box depending on the vibes. Remember softer, diffused light helps lashes look more true to life in photos. 

Hire a professional who specializes in beauty/macro photography. Now... I know you may not have the budget to go down this route... so in that case this can go DIY.

DIY can be empowering to be able to create content through your own determination ❤️ now this will require you to learn how to use a camera. I used the Sony a7iii with a macro lens 90mm. I’ve also used the beginner friendly Sony a5100 with a macro lens and both models deliver clear, high quality images! 


For years I used my iPhone and you’ll be so surprised at how clear of images you can get with the newer models of iPhone + Android. It’s all about your light + manual focus options on your phone. 


 You’re the artist and director of your brand, don’t be afraid to show it! Step outside the box and show the world what you’re workin with.


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